How to manage hot flushes during menopause naturally

How to Deal with Hot Flushes During Menopause Naturally

Menopause is a natural biological process that every woman goes through and marks the end of menstrual cycles.

The years leading up to true menopause are known as perimenopause. Perimenopause is when there are changes to your menstrual cycle and you start to get menopausal symptoms. I call this the 'Path to Menopause'.

Hot flushes and night sweats are common symptoms and can cause annoyance, especially when the hot flushes are severe and frequent. Night sweats are periods of heavy sweating associated with hot flushes that start at night.

What causes hot flushes during menopause?

Hot flushes start when blood vessels near the skin’s surface get larger to help you lose heat and cool off. This then lowers the body temperature.

Hot flushes result from hormonal changes in the body and are likely to be from a rapid decrease in oestrogen.

Hot flushes come on suddenly and how long they last vary. Some hot flushes last a few seconds but sometimes they can go on for around 10 minutes.

The frequency of hot flushes also varies - from a few hot flushes per week to a few hot flushes a day.

The frequency and the length of the hot flush can depend on where you are in perimenopause or menopause. As you move towards true menopause the frequency and intensity of hot flushes increases.

Along with hot flushes, there may be palpitations and anxiety.

How to control hot flushes during menopause naturally?

A lot of women do not want to take HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) or are unable to take HRT for medical reasons. There are ways that you can control your hot flushes naturally.

For mild symptoms, hot flushes can be kept under control by:

  • Use of fans

  • Lowering of room temperature

  • Avoidance of triggers such as alcohol and spices

  • Increasing the number of foods rich in Vitamins B and E you eat

  • Increasing the amount of Magnesium. This can either be through Epsom Salts baths or from Magnesium lotion or spray.

Even if the hot flushes are more severe, there are things that you can do to deal with the symptoms naturally :

  • Meditation - a study published in American Menopause Journal found that meditation helped ease hot flushes

  • Exercise regularly

  • Yoga can help with the effects of menopause including hot flushes

  • Take homeopathic remedies for menopausal symptoms. Studies show that homeopathy is effective in treating hot flushes and night sweats in menopausal women.

Homeopathy for hot flushes during menopause

There are a number of remedies that may help. Commonly used homeopathic remedies for hot flushes are:

  • Sepia

  • Lachesis

  • Belladonna

  • Sulphur

  • Calc carb

For further tips on dealing with menopause naturally, download my free 'Menopause Relief Naturally' guide.

Menopause Relief Naturally Guide


Is homeopathy for you?

Homeopathy is used all over the world for so many health issues, including menopausal symptoms. Whether you have a big health issue that is stopping you from getting on with your life, or niggly health 'annoyances', feel free to contact me if you think I may be able to help.

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