Meet Naziana - Analytical and Practical Homeopath


I am passionate about natural health and believe in treating the mind and body as one.  

With a background in Science, I aim to provide a professional yet caring environment, where you can feel at ease, listened to and understood in a non-judgemental way.

I share my home in Surrey with my 2 teenage children, my husband and our cocker spaniel, Quinn.

I enjoy gardening and creating a beautiful yet functional garden.  I love our family bike rides and long walks with the dog.  Being surrounded by greenery and nature helps me relax!

White Hydrangeas

Supporting You in Your Journey to Greater Well-Being

My Story


I had my first homeopathic remedy when I was in my teens to help with glandular issues and tiredness.  Since then I have always been into natural health.

After graduating, at 21 years old, I thought of becoming a homeopath, but felt I needed some life experience, so I had a career in data and analytics. 


Although I enjoyed my career, once the children were at school I felt I was ready for something new.  My interest in natural health and homeopathy had not gone away, so I finally decided to become a homeopath - my natural passion.

Homeopathy Education


Diploma in Homeopathy from the College of Practical Homeopathy (LCPH)

Post-graduate Diploma in Homeobotanical Therapy

I am registered with the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths.

Other Education and Work


BSc Biology and Chemistry

I worked for over 25 years as an analyst in various industries.

"Naziana has been great! She has taken great care each time we meet. We met (virtually) during the first lockdown. Within a month my period pain had reduced and my bowels were better than they had been for years. She has been calm to my storm and kind to my frustrations. I’m incredibly grateful for her guidance and her remedies!"