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What is the big difference between acute and chronic insomnia?

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Difference between acute and chronic insomnia

Are you part of the 30% of the population that have acute insomnia?

Or part of the 10% of the population with chronic insomnia?

What is acute insomnia?

Acute Insomnia is when you have difficulty falling asleep and/or maintaining sleep for at least 3 days per week for up to 3 months.

You must also be able to identify an event that has triggered the insomnia.

Acute insomnia may be considered a normal part of the fight/flight response.

Life stress is a main cause of acute insomnia.

What is chronic insomnia?

Chronic insomnia is when there are problems sleeping at least 3 days per week for more than 3 months.

There are sleep issues despite enough opportunity for sleep, and it takes 30 minutes or more to get to sleep.

Is there a third type of insomnia?

In a study, not everybody experiencing acute insomnia goes on to recover normal sleep nor do they develop chronic insomnia.

Instead, persistent poor sleep develops that does not meet the criteria for either acute insomnia or chronic insomnia.

This third type of insomnia is known as "subsyndromal insomnia”, “intermediate insomnia”, or “persistent poor sleep”.

Stress and insomnia

In acute insomnia, hyperarousal is a reaction to the “fight-or-flight response” if you are under stress. The autonomic nervous system and adrenal cortex become activated.

Physiological changes include increases in heart rate, muscle tension, and glucose release. This can create insomnia.

It is thought that there is an increased state of “preparedness” for longer-lasting demands or threats. This is when there is a lower-level activation of the fight/flight system. The nervous system is still activated but at a lower level than with the fight-or-flight response.

How can homeopathy be beneficial for Insomnia

Homeopathy along with some lifestyle changes may calm the nervous system. A calm nervous system may lead to better sleep.

There are a number of homeopathic remedies that may help acute insomnia. For chronic insomnia the cause needs to be looked at as well as your overall health history.


Is homeopathy for you?

Homeopathy is used all over the world for so many health issues, including insomnia. If you would like to discuss your insomnia, feel free to contact me.

Next steps

If you would like to speak to me about how homeopathy may help with insomnia I offer a free 30 minute discovery call. During this call, we talk about you, your symptoms, and how they are affecting you. I will ask you some questions to see if homeopathy may be beneficial to you.

I am always happy to hear from you.

Naziana x

Homeopath for Women's Health offering Homeopathy for Better Sleep


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