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Why self-care is so important?

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

The Importance of Self-Care

The definition of self-care is ‘The practice of taking an active role in protecting one's own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.’

Do you make time to practice self-care every day? It doesn't need to take long, even a few minutes every day is advantageous. It is beneficial to all of us. Would you like to make it a goal to spend some time on yourself everyday? I bet you will feel better and happier for it.

I strongly believe in the benefits of self-care. Here is my free short course about self-care and how you can make self-care part of your routine.

Some ideas to care for yourself are:

- Yoga, pilates, or some other workout

Doing some exercise daily is good for both the mind and body. There are lots of exercise classes online and even spending around 15-20 minutes every day is so beneficial.

- Walking

Getting outside and walking is another idea for self-care. Having a dog that needs walking helps as this makes it easier to have this as part of a routine.

- Reading

Reading can relax, and be part of a sleep routine.

- Gardening

Gardening is great for physical fitness, getting outdoors and also making the outside space look lovely.

- Crafting

Crafting is another way to enjoy some time for yourself. There are so many crafts out there to try. Which are you interested in trying next?

Along with these things, self-care is eating well and sleeping well.

Why is it Important to Practice Self-Care?

Self-care is important for happiness, positivity, and boosting feelings of confidence. It is key both physically and mentally in taking control of your health.

Self-care is not a new concept, but what is new is conscious thinking of doing things that you enjoy and that are good for you. Life seems to be getting faster and it can be easy not to put yourself first. By consciously taking a bit of time every day for yourself, you are likely to feel better.

Why is Practicing Self-Care of Benefit to You?

Self-care improves physical and mental health

This type of self-care includes doing some sort of exercise, looking after your teeth, skin, and hair, eating well, and getting enough sleep.

Self-care improves self-confidence

By spending time on yourself, your brain tells you that ‘you deserve this’, and so your self-confidence improves. You end up reflecting on what you do and don’t enjoy doing and then try out new things. This improves your confidence.

Self-care lessens stress and anxiety

By focusing on the things you enjoy doing, you start to relax. This starts to lessen the stress and anxiety you may feel.

What do You do to Practice Self-Care?

There are so many good things that you can do to care for yourself every day. Even if you are so busy, half an hour of ‘me time’ is so good for your well-being. Self-care does not have to be physically demanding, time-consuming, or financially draining.

Do you enjoy reading books, garden, doing exercise? Or do you love watching films? Having hot, relaxing baths with your favourite bath products? Do you like to meditate or dance or spend time listening to music?

Or there may be something new that you would like to try out - that thing that you were always going to do or to learn at ‘some point’? Now is a great time to learn that new thing.

Spend some time on yourself every day and you will benefit greatly from it.


Is homeopathy for you?

Homeopathy is used all over the world for so many health issues. Whether you have a big health issue that is stopping you from getting on with your life, or niggly health 'annoyances', feel free to contact me if you think I may be able to help.

Next steps

If you would like to speak to me about how homeopathy may help I offer a free 30 minute discovery call. During this call, we talk about you, your symptoms, and how they are affecting you. I will ask you some questions to see if homeopathy may be beneficial to you.

I am always happy to hear from you.

Naziana x

Homeopath for Women's Health


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