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Menopause Naturally Programme - A Natural Alternative to HRT
Discover a Natural Alternative
with my
Menopause Naturally Programme
  • Would you like to improve your menopausal symptoms?
  • Do you prefer a natural approach to menopause?
  • Are you experiencing:
- hot flushes or night sweats?
- sleeplessness? 
- anxiety?
- low mood?
- aches and pains?
- other menopausal symptoms?
  • Do you feel like you need support during this transitional phase?
  • Would you like to make the most of this phase of your life?
What is the Menopause Naturally programme?
This programme helps to balance your hormones to improve your menopausal symptoms naturally, through homeopathic menopause treatment.
I look at your health from a holistic perspective and prescribe natural remedies alongside lifestyle advice.  The treatment is 100% safe and natural and works in complete harmony with your body.

What you get as part of the programme?
  • 4 Homeopathy Online Consultations
  • Homeopathy Remedies
  • Support throughout the 6 months
  • Useful menopause information and lifestyle advice 
  • Plan with small steps to take you towards your health and life goals

Cost: £49 per month for 6 months
Alternative Treatment For Menopause UK

Free 30 Minute Call

Book a free 30 minute discovery call to find out more and take the first step to improving your menopausal symptoms

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