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Homeopathic Treatment for Sleeplessness

Homeopathy for Better Sleep Naturally

Sleep is a restful time

It is required by the body to rest, restore, recuperate and recover from physical and mental exertion.  Sleep in theory should be easy. However, around one third of adults suffer from sleepless nights.

Insomnia is often the result of an underlying problem

Some of the causes of poor sleep include hormonal change, eg around menopause, grief, stress, anxiety​, an irregular sleep schedule, or physical illness and pain​.

Homeopathy for better sleep

Homeopathy treats the psychological and physical symptoms that may be causing the disorder.  The homeopathic approach is to consider the sleep disturbance as part of the overall clinical picture.

Homeopathy looks at your overall health and not just one symptom

With homeopathy, all of the symptoms together are considered to select the remedy that has a picture that best matches your specific the symptoms.

Find out more about how homeopathy may be beneficial for better sleep, download my Homeopathy for Better Sleep ebook.

If you would like to discuss how you can improve your sleep, feel free to book a discovery call.

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