Homeopathy Testimonials

What My Clients Say...

"I engaged with Naziana to help me improve my somewhat erratic sleep patterns.  Whilst I was 'coping' I never had a good night's sleep and never woke up feeling refreshed.  I felt this was having an impact on all areas of my life.


From the first session, I felt completely listened to with no stone unturned.  All physical symptoms were investigated, however minor, to get to the bottom of what could be causing my sleep problems. 

I have noticed changes in many physical symptoms and feel that my body is having a 'deep clean'.  Overall I feel calmer and whilst my sleep isn't perfect, I have more OK nights now and feel generally more positive. 

If you want someone who is really thorough, thinks outside the box, and is extremely easy to get along with, I recommend Naziana."

Homeopathic Treatment for Sleeplessness

"I was suffering with hay fever and menopausal symptoms and unable to get a GP appointment then luckily along came Naziana.

She took a holistic assessment of both me as a person and my symptoms. The pills arrived promptly with clear instructions. We have had subsequent appointments and the treatment was titrated according to my response.

I have felt so much better both in mind and in body since starting my course of treatment with Naziana.

I am so pleased to have found such a caring homeopathic practitioner. "

Homeopathic Treatment for Menopausal Symptoms and Hay Fever

"Naziana has been great! She has taken great care each time we meet. We met (virtually) during the first lockdown.


Within a month my period pain had reduced and my bowels were better than they had been for years.


She has been calm to my storm and kind to my frustrations. I’m incredibly grateful for her guidance and her remedies!"

Homeopathic Treatment for Period Pain and Bowel Issues

“I have been seeing Naziana for 7 months and she has been successfully helping me with an ongoing issue.


I haven't had any flare ups since I started seeing her and my overall health is better.


She is very professional, helpful and reliable and I would definitely recommend her."

Homeopathic Treatment for Recurrent Infections

I originally saw Naziana about what I thought were peri-menopause symptoms. As time progressed it turned out it wasn't just peri-menopause symptoms. I was going through a journey of chronic fatigue with many debilitating symptoms: digestive issues, insomnia, burning aches and pain throughout my entire body and more.


Naziana is a great listener, she wasn't fazed by the overwhelming symptoms I had. She also gives good tips on diet and a holistic approach to wellbeing both emotionally and physically. She is always encouraging and makes any necessary adjustments of the remedies to fit.


After a couple of months of taking the homeopathic remedies, especially the sleep remedy, it has helped me to be able to fall asleep and stay asleep better. This was a big deal for me and for any healing to take place!


To further support my healing journey I also incorporated various holistic approaches which includes breath work, yoga, reflexology, meditation, energy healing and many self-care therapies.


I am now much better than I was six months ago. For anyone going through an intense healing journey I encourage you to take charge of your own body, give it all the love it deserves and never give up! 

Homeopathic Treatment for Chronic Fatigue