Homeobotanical Therapy
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Homeobotanical Therapy
Are you ready for a natural approach to your symptoms?​

These Homeobotanical Therapy consultations are a gentle way to try the natural approach in your journey back to health.

They can prepare you for later homeopathic treatment, as they work well alongside homeopathy as well as well as by themselves.  Homeobotanical therapy aims to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms.

Some health issues homeobotanical therapy can be used for:
  • Menopause

  • PMS

  • Period problems

  • Allergies

  • Bowel problems

  • Poor vitality

What are Homeobotanicals?
Homeobotanicals are powerful blends of organic herbs that are homeopathically prepared.  They are gentle, 100% natural.  Homeobotanicals are only available from practitioners and come in liquid form.
For more information on homeobotanicals visit Yes2Wellness.

What happens during a Homeobotanical Therapy consultation?
  • Prior to the consultation I will send you a short questionnaire to fill in
  • During the online consultation we go through the questionnaire and I listen to your background information.  I will ask you questions to get a more detailed picture of your health.
  • After our consultation, I select your homeobotanical blend.  I will let you know what is in the blend and why I have chosen it.
  • The remedy is prepared and posted to you
  • The Homeobotanical remedy comes in 25ml bottle, and this should last a month
  • The number of appointments needed will depend on the severity and duration of the symptoms

Cost: £50 (including appointment, homeobotanical remedy and postage)
Homeobotanical Remedy

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